Entertainer & TIKTOK & Video Artist

Who is the man behind the mask? Millions of fans wonder on the social media platform TikTok? We’re talking about Visual Creator Dannero, who inspires his worldwide followers with brilliant, sometimes apocalyptic transition videos and bombastic sound collages. Always at his side, dog Nero, partner in crime and at least as concise as the skull band with which Dan keeps the great mystery about himself.

With his channel, Dannero is one of the top 5 TikTok Creators in Germany. In addition, the creative mind is extremely successful as a magician and mentalist. In his shows he amazes with thought and suggestion experiments and irresistibly casts a spell over his audience.

Now the self-confessed rap fan would like to take his artistic work into a new dimension and link the world of paranormal phenomena with the visual power of the TikTok universe. We can be excited and look forward to a highly explosive entertainment experience that can be experienced live next year.

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