Influencer & Musician

Having started her career as a YouTuber at the age of 15, the 24-year-old Dutch girl can nowadays call herself one of the most successful artists and social influencers in her home country. Young girls all over the Netherlands know outgoing and always good-humored Djamila. In 2017, she has finally branched out into a passionately awaited music career.

Her first single “Brickwall” was No. 1 in the Dutch iTunes charts and scored more than 1.1 million streams on Spotify, while the music video had more than 7.5 million views on her VEVO channel. But Djamila wouldn’t be Djamila if her unrestrained thirst for action was quenched just here. Her debut album “Girl” came out on June 23. Mixing pop, rock and a boisterous style, Djamila burst onto the music scene. On top of that, her first movie “Misfit” was released on September 28, had more than 200.000 visitors and was awarded with the Golden Ticket from the Dutch movie industry. Her tour in spring 2018 is almost sold out and her new single „Bubblegum“ has been released on May 4th. These facts make it pretty clear: Djamila is a teen idol and represents a new kind of media star who inspires a whole generation and has a promising media career ahead of her.

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