Esther Sedlaczek

Influencer & TV Entertainer

How fan love can turn into a vocation is impressively shown by the exciting career of Esther Sedlaczek. As a 12-year-old she, for the first time, attended a home game of Hertha BSC at the Berlin Olympic Stadium and was immediately captivated by the atmosphere. Today, 20 years later, every Saturday the TV-presenter of ‚Sky Sport‘ is leading through the German national league (Bundesliga) in a charming and competent manner. Instead of locating the smart journalist at the sideline of a football field, one would rather picture her on the catwalk, where her studies at the Academy for Fashion & Design in Berlin even almost led her to. Insights into her professional and privat everyday life are regularly shared with her large community on Instagram. And of course, also here, the most important man in her life cannot be missing: dog Louis

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