Falco Punch

Video Artist

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He’s already being hailed as a megastar in the social media community: With more than 8.64million followers, Falco Punch is not only the TikTok user with the widest reach in Germany, he’s also internationally ranked as one of the Top 10 most popular users in the whole of Europe.The 24-year-old  from  Hamburg  is  considered  one  of  the  most  innovative  and  progressive  new  talents  of Generation  Z – at  the  end  of  May,  the  video  creator,  DJ  and  musician  will  release  his  first  self-produced club track on Universal Music!

“I’m always looking for the right music for my clips and had huge problems finding the right sounds.“  says Falco Punch of his evolution to musician.

“I’m an extremely visual person and have the perfect soundtrack for every scene
in my clips in my head. Out of necessity I started to compose my own tracks.” Influenced by producers like Alan Walker and Martin Garrix, Falco Punch
combines elements from EDM, urban pop and hiphop into a hybrid style both danceable and evocative. For the vocals, Falco Punch works alongside the most sought-after newcomer talents; as on his brand new debut single “1-2-3 Floor”
– an incredibly catchy and rousing floorfiller.
To coincide with the release of “1-2-3 Floor”, there will be a special TikTok
challenge, with users asked to contribute their own clips to the track. And there are more single releases planned for Falco Punch in 2020.

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