Leila Lowfire

Actress & Influencer

Confident, open and incredibly sexy – this is the best way to describe Leila Lowfire. The erotic model worked in several movie and tv productions and became known in front of the camera of the now deceased Berlin photographer Oliver Rath. Under the hashtag #nippelstatthetze  she campaigned against racism online on Facebook and showed her bare breasts. With friend Ines Anioli she runs the podcast „Besser Als Sex“. 

Podcast „Besser Als Sex“

With the podcast „Sexvergnügen“, model Leila Lowfire and YouTube creator Ines Anioli have topped the Spotify and iTunes charts. Their explicit conversations about sex & fetishes and blow jobs generate more than 100.000 clicks every second week. Now they have given their podcast a new name: „Besser Als Sex“ – but to the delight of their ever-growing fan base everything remains the same: Sex stories you do not want to bump from the edge of your bed. 

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