Melo Moreno

Influencer & Musician

Born in Perpignan (France) in 1989 and raised in Villanova, Melo moved to Barcelona at a young age and started her YouTube career there. More than 7 years ago, she created her main channel as a place to create comedy and music – and as a way to try out some skills she had acquired at college. When her YouTube career started to take off on a more professional level, she decided to leave her beloved Barcelona behind and move to Madrid to have more opportunities as a digital creator.

It is not at all easy to start a musical career if three million people subscribe to your two YouTube channels -1.6 to Yellow Mellow, the main one, and 1.2 to Melo More, now on stand-by, to follow your daily adventures. We are talking about the largest female vlogger in Spain, with the largest daily vlogging channel of all the Hispanic countries. But with her usual naturalness, that is precisely what Yellow Mellow does now that she transforms into Melo Moreno with her first album, Colours, on sale in October.

Although more than transfer, I would say that in reality the popular youtuber goes back to her origins through these thirteen songs of pop and soul with a classic heart but a fully 21st century contemporary sound. And at that crossroads is where Melo Moreno García (Perpignan, France, 1989) emerges, the person, to leave her singular stamp also in music. Uniting but separating the exaggerated fiction of YouTube and the real human being that puts her heart in her songs.


Written by Steve Mac – the author of Shape of You by Ed Sheeran or What About Us by Pink – One More River has had an undoubtedly enthusiastic reception, leading the list of the 50 most viral Spotify in Spain and accumulating more than 350,000 streamings. In addition, top 10 in iTunes in Chile, Peru and Spain, reaching 48 in the Global ranking.

Recorded in Berlin in several sessions during the few last months, Colours has eight songs written by Melo Moreno and five others of shared authorship. The title also has a history, as she herself explains, every time she sang a song in the studio she saw a certain colour in her mind. She explains the linkage:  I saw „One More River“, for example, as orange and that’s why the cover of the single is orange“.

With all the spectrum of colours at her disposal, Melo Moreno is putting the finishing touches to the release of her long-awaited first album. It is a big leap for the first Spanish youtuber to be part of YouTube Rewind, the annual video in which the video platform lists the most relevant content and the creators of that year. But she warns us and draws the dividing line between the two: „Yellow Mellow is going to stay on YouTube and the one that appears as a singer is Melo Moreno.“

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