Here you can find our recent cooperations and projects were we have successfully engaged brands, creators and their communities.


Branded Content

By working with social influencers and extending our vast music network, we generate content that offers partners such as agencies and brands the unique opportunity to get involved in influencer marketing. The combination of high quality music and video production and the enormous reach of our artists enables our partners to connect with their target audience emotionally.

Integrating products into a music video, for example, makes it possible for our partners to reach their target audience through multiple platforms such as YouTube, and Instagram and to bring their brand to the attention of the fan bases of musicians, creators and influencers.

We have worked successfully with Essence and August Intl. and were able to embed their message and products naturally.

Product Placements

Influencers can combine great content and the ability to recommend their favorite brands and products. Followers often want to know what brands, products, services and events their idols like, prefer and attend. Influencers sharing that information enables brands to directly communicate with their target audience.


The picture shows and example of EmiliaBTE and Beyond Limits

Katulka was part of one of the most successful influencer branding campaigns that began on and Instagram. The goal was to create individual content for each scent, representing the brand as well as the music. With the help of testimonials like Katulka, the message spread across platforms rapidly, and more than 6.000 followers were engaged and created their own content. Involving Katulka ensured that the target audience engaged with the campaign.


Link to WUV: WUV-Article

Live Events

Bitstream Media operates an in-house booking department.
In addition to organizing tours and concerts, we also look after our artists at corporate events, festivals and media events.

Licence Deals

Bitstream Media successfully supports artists in the development of their personal brand – whether they want to start their own merchandise collection or realize a book project. We know how to extend brand awareness.